MinusDUST Air Pollution Capture

Poor air quality continues to damage the health of all living beings, particularly in the urban areas. A mix of factors like vehicular and industrial emissions, dust, weather patterns, construction sites and more make the air quality highly toxic posing an imminent threat. This hazard needs to be addressed using a network of cost effective Distributed Air Pollution Capture systems. MinusDUST is designed as a solution that captures air pollution and improves the air quality outdoors.

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Better air quality at pollution hotspots

The challenge is to develop a cost effective and low maintenance Air Pollution Capture system that is scalable based on requirement and environment. From outdoors to industry floors to construction sites and more, the MinusDUST technology is highly adaptive and scalable. The design philosophy of the system is to be minimal and blend silently with the urban landscape and environment. The facades are highly customisable with wide options in color, patterns and value added options like commercials, signage and more.

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